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You know that you need topsoil for that new lawn or construction project. But do you know what you are really ordering? Use the below links to get more information on what exactly topsoil is and what you should know about topsoil when you order it.

1.800.TOPSOIL gets results because more people will call a phone number that they can easily remember. More importantly, it can be yours and yours alone.

Think about 10 recent new clients for a moment. How many made their initial contact with your business by telephone? If you're like most of your competitors, the answer is 10. Telephone sales are an integral part of attracting new clients and 1.800.TOP-SOIL will make your phones ring more!

Take a giant step to ensure your success today. It will be the best decision you make for your business, your employees and the people that you love.


Prices vary from market to market. For a price quote on your market please contact a 1.800.TOPSOIL sales representative today!!!

You will find that you will bring in substantially more than just a few new clients and will more than cover your annual costs for this program every month! There is little risk on your part.

1-800-Topsoil | Topsoil | Top Soil | Landscape Supply | Landscape Supplies


The commitment on your part is only one month. We are confident that you will find the results to be profitable to your organization. If you are not completely satisfied, you may cancel any time.

1-800-Topsoil | Topsoil | Top Soil | Landscape Supply | Landscape Supplies


No. Even though you have the ability to cancel any time, we do not. Our part of the agreement calls for perpetual renewals as long as you wish to remain in the program.

1-800-Topsoil | Topsoil | Top Soil | Landscape Supply | Landscape Supplies


Your business will have exclusive use of the number 1.800.TOPSOIL in your market area. Anyone who calls the number from your market will ring through to your office immediately. There are no clicks, noises or disruptions. It becomes your number in your market area. You also get some of the most advanced tele-services available at no additional charge. There is a long list of services which we can provide, which are currently only available to much larger companies. Additional minutes are charged at 2.8 cents per minute. You can even sub-lease our program to other businesses in geographic locations of your marketing area which you do not cover.

We can design recorded scripts in more than 20 languages and assist with sophisticated routing challenges for businesses with multiple locations. You will also have access to all of your inbound call data which is available in many formats, including email. We also offer an extensive array of routing, data management and voice mining features, most of which are included in your membership at no additional charge. The only risk is that your competitor calls us before you do. Don't wait! Call us today and change your business forever!

1-800-Topsoil | Topsoil | Top Soil | Landscape Supply | Landscape Supplies

How It works:

1.800.TOPSOIL is only available to one business in your area. Anyone who calls 1.800.TOPSOIL from your market area will ring directly to your office no clicks, noises or disruptions. We can have the number ring to as many of your numbers as you need and you won't have to change any of the current numbers you have now.

1-800-Topsoil | Topsoil | Top Soil | Landscape Supply | Landscape Supplies

What We OFFER:

  • The best Toll free number in your field of business.
  • An advertising tool that will give you the edge on your competition.
  • Marketing and Advertising tools to assure booming calls.
  • Website with direct links to your information and website.
  • Google key word “topsoil” to assure hits on our website, we are always in the top five links associated with the key word “topsoil”
  • Tracking device to determine how many calls you're getting per month.

1-800-Topsoil | Topsoil | Top Soil | Landscape Supply | Landscape Supplies

Benefits of 1.800.TOPSOIL:

  • A toll free vanity number that all consumers will recall when it comes time for your products, keeping them out of the yellow pages and where your competition can be reached.
  • Consumers will always remember 1.800.TOPSOIL.
  • A convenient way for your current and potential clients to reach you, toll free.
  • Yellow pages ads stand out amongst the competition with the number 1.800.TOPSOIL.
  • The prestige of 1.800.TOPSOIL builds instant credibility for potential landscape company's who are unfamiliar with your business.
  • We pay a premium with GOOGLE. Just type the keyword “topsoil” into the search bar, our web site is one of the top three.
  • WWW.1800TOPSOIL.COM allows landscapers and consumers to estimate accurately how much topsoil they need in addition to determining who the 1.800.TOPSOIL vendors in there area are. We will also have a direct link to your web site and company information, in the “find a vendor” area of our web page.
  • With 1.800.TOPSOIL you can expect a significant increase in your monthly call volume.

1-800-Topsoil | Topsoil | Top Soil | Landscape Supply | Landscape Supplies

Marketing Tools:

  • Signs 24' by 18'
  • T-Shirts, mugs, pens and hats
  • Generic Mailers to send to all landscaping company in your area.
  • Radio ads have worked extremely well in the past.
  • Yellow Pages, web sight, local adds,
  • Coupons, buy 10yards of topsoil get 1 free.
  • Bill boards
  • Customized materials can be made as well

1-800-Topsoil | Topsoil | Top Soil | Landscape Supply | Landscape Supplies